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August 2, 2004
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rough chicken the schaggo way by schaggo rough chicken the schaggo way by schaggo
cooking is art, traditional art. enjoy what i can offer you...
  • take a frying pan, put some oil (preferably olive oil) and the chicken escalopes in it. drip some oil over the chicken too. take some curry and paprika and spread it over both sides of the chicken.

  • in a separate dish, put about 2ml of adulterated milk, add about two crushed cloves of garlic, some cayenne pepper (hot), some paprika (red pepper) and some curry. mix that mixture and add a little flour if it's too liquid.

  • take the chicken out of the frying pan, add more oil and put it onto the cooker, maximum fire. if the pan is hot enough put the chicken into the pan and fry it until it has a fine brown color. now empty the milk-thing over the chicken
    ATTENTION: the oil in the pan starts to splash when you add the milk sauce!
    fry the chicken until all the milk sauce is viscouse and allotted over the chicken.

  • for the salad sauce mix some ketchup, some mustard, a big part of adulterated milk and a little less sour cream. add fresh spices from the garden (if possible). shake or mix it well and drop it over the salad.
I propose a light red wine, some australian or californian cabernet-sauvignon or whatever you like.

enjoy your meal!

i'm sorry for the bad presentation, i'll search for something more apropriate.
scouros Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2004
oh... sieht gut aus! das krieg ich direkt hunger :)
schaggo Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2004
jep... isch fein gsi, und zimlich schnäll zuebereitet...
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